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02 Weeks Training Program in Interventional Spinal Pain Management, Minimally Invasive Intradiscal Treatments and Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery


  • Duration of the Program - 02 weeks
  • Number of Delegates - 06

  • Certificate - Certificate of 02 Weeks Training (Accredited by IETSS - International Endoscopic Therapy Spine Society)
  • Residence during the Training - Not Provided (On request we can assist you)
  • Educational Requirements - Degree / Diploma in Orthopaedic Surgery / Neurosurgery / Pain Speciality
  • Other Requirements - Must have attended the Basic & Advanced Workshop Conducted by this Organisation
  • Dates - 22.07.2018 to 04.08.2018
  • Fees - INR 1500000/- for Indian Delegates

  • USD 2500 for International Delegates

Delegate will participate in the day to day working of the hospital including, attendance and assistance for surgeries and Interventional Procedures, participation during the out Patient clinic, Hands-on training on the Mannequin, Scientific discussions, access to scientific reading material, Dialectic lectures by Dr. Girish Datar and access to surgical videos. The delegate will also have cadaveric dissection session. Every delegate will be given a task of Review of Literature on a topic and the same will be compiled to publish a Research Paper in a Peer reviewed Journal.


Detailed Day to Day Program




6.45 Am

Surgery / Surgical Video (discussion on surgical planning & Technique) (Observation / Assistance)

11.00 Am

Dialectic Lectures on Technique

1.00 pm

Attendance in the Out Patient Department - Clinical Examination, MRI, Xray Reading, Planning, follow up protocols and Case discussion

4.00 pm

Practice session on the Mannequin / Cadaveric Dissection

6.00 pm

Log book completion


The bank details to transfer Registration fees for the 03 Weeks Training Course

Account Name - Sushruta Hospital for Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Miraj, 416410. Account Number - 8530201000246
 Name of the Bank - CANARA BANK, Shivaji Road, Miraj. 416410, Maharashtra, INDIA IFSC Code - CNRB0008530 , MICR Code - 416015099

Registration to the 02 Week Training Program will only be confirmed after the receipt of Registration Fees. Admission to the course will be on first come first basis & at discretion of Dr. Girish Datar

Please send an E.mail after you have deposited the Registration fees to our account. * Receipts will be issued during the course.

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Dialectic Lectures

  • Pain Generators in Lumbar Spine
  • Diagnostic & Therapeutic Interventional Procedures (Facet, SI & Pyriformis Block, Lateral Recess Block, Discography)
  • How to Read & Interpret X-ray, CT Scan & MRI as a Diagnostic tool in the Management of Lumbar Spinal Problems
  • Minimally invasive Intradiscal Treatment
  • Access to the Disc through the Intervertebral Foramen
  • Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • Technical Considerations of Techniques in Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery for Specific Indications
  • Instruments, equipments, Maintenance & Sterilisation


Hands on Operative Training on Fresh Frozen Cadaver

  • Real time Operative Simulation on cadavers in near operating room set-up
  • Hands on Skill Development with state of the Art Equipments & Instruments with a Full Endoscopic Tower - camera, Light source etc.
  • Direct one to one Operative learning from Experienced Surgeons to develop the skills necessary to perform Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • Access to the Foramen
  • Navigating in the Foramen
  • Dissection of the Epidural space to expose the theacal sac
  • Hands on use of Radio frequency
  • Intraoperative identification of Anatomy


Hands on Cadaveric Workshop (Basic)-For novices (7th & 8th November 2016)

  • Needle placement & Lateral Recess Block
  • Discography, DISC-FX -Needle Entry & Technique
  • Medial Branch Rhizotomy with Disc FX System
  • Needle Entry Point Marking for SED
  • Insertion of Guidewire, Dilator & Sleeve
  • Sleeve Manipulation & navigating in theForamen
  • Identification of In vivo Cadaveric Anatomy
  • Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery
  • Medialization of Annulotomy & Discectomy


Hands on Cadaveric Workshop (Advanced) - Only for those Delegates who have completed Basic Course (9th November 2016)

  • Technique of Foraminotomy & Foraminoplasty with Trephine, Kerrison & Burr
  • Lateral Recess stenosis Decompression
  • Upper Foraminal Decompression techniques
  • Techniques for difficult Disc Herniations
  • Outside in technique with Hand Drills & Reamers


The endoscopic foraminal approach to the spine and disc is a technique that allows access to degenerative patho- anatomy without injuring and altering normal anatomy. The learning curve may be long for some surgeons not familiar with the technique, but once mastered, results are excellent, concomitant with the surgeon overcoming his personal learning curve, opening his mind to new concepts and patho-anatomy not seen in traditional surgery. In surgery of spine, it is uniformly more difficult for seasoned practitioners to discard old concepts and to adopt new ones. Those understanding and accepting new concepts will find this operative workshop on techniques in transforaminal endoscopic spine surgery & Intervention Spine Management valuable for their role in treating patients with acute and chronic back pain and sciatica.

Course Fees Include



Attendance to Lectures on 16th, 17th & 18th

Attendance to Lectures on 19th

Disc FX Certification course

Cadaveric Workshop on 19th

Operative Training on Cadavers

Hands-on Operative training on Cadavers on 19th

Working Lunch

Use of Endoscopic Instruments, RF, Burr etc

Use of Endoscopic Instruments & RF

Lunch on 19th

ACCOMMODATION Accommodation will not be provided by the organisers. Hotel Room charges will be borne by the delegate




Till 15.06.2018

INR. 50000/-

INR. 30000/-

Till 30.06.2018

INR. 60000/-

INR. 35000/-

No Spot Registration




$ 1200





Mode Of Payment

Bank details to transfer Registration fees for the workshop

Account Name- Sushruta Hospital for Orthopaedics & Traumatology, Miraj, 416410. Account Number- 8530201000246

Name of the Bank- CANARA BANK, Shivaji Road, Miraj. 416410, Maharashtra

IFSC Code- CNRB0008530

MICR Code- 416015099

Course Registration will only be confirmed after the receipt of Registration Fees.

Please send a email after you have deposited the Registration fees to our account.

* Receipts will be issued during the course.

Cancellation Policy

No refund will be done in the event of cancellation by the Delegate.

Registration fees will be refunded in the event of cancellation of the course due to some unforeseen reason

M. S. Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre

Established in 2012 has under its banner multiple units , all set with the purpose of stimulating minds and encouraging Research and Training.

The units include, a State of art, one of its kind Surgical Skills Lab, which is a part of the Centre’s efforts towards supporting the education and training of students as well as Qualified Professionals. This Research and skills training unit has been developed with the intention to provide opportunity to learn in a “Operation theatre” like atmosphere and a ‘near life’ like specimen to work on.

To facilitate the Skill lab, the centre also boasts of a technically well equipped Multi media centre which can accommodate around 100 people .The multi -media centre also has video conferencing facilities.


Important Information

  • The Program will start Sharp 7.45 AM on all the 04 days
  • Please read all the articles which will be sent to you
  • Please do not leave before 5.00 pm on the last day
  • All the Participants will be given Certificate of attendance.
  • Candidates attending the Basic workshop will also be given Disc FX Certificate.
  • For any clarification Please mail
  • You can buy or book your Endoscopic Set & Other equipment at a special discounted workshop price. Contact dealers for details at the workshop.


Highlights Of The Workshop

  • Fresh Frozen Cadavers ensure near normal Patient feel during Interventional and Transforaminal Endoscopic Procedure.
  • Interactive workshop with hands on training on the cadaver with state of the art endoscopic equipments under expert guidance.
  • State of the art Endoscopic Equipments will be displayed and used during the cadaveric workshop. Hands on training will be provided in using and maintaining these equipments.
  • Hands on Operative Training on cadaver will ensure Real time Operative Simulation in Operating Room Set-up.
  • Hands on Skill Development with state of the Art Equipments & Instruments with a Full Endoscopic Tower - camera, Light source, RF Unit & Powered Shavers & Burr etc.
  • Direct one to one Operative learning from Experienced Surgeons to develop the skills necessary to perform Endoscopic Spine Surgery.

Experience of over 3500 procedures.

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